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ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES - YKK AP's efforts to protect the environment.

Through our products, YKK AP contributes to efforts to build a sustainable society.

YKK AP is actively engaged in development of products that contribute to reduced energy usage in homes and offices by blocking heat, providing thermal insulation and improving ventilation. The living environments we help create are not only comfortable but better for the natural environment. We are also developing production processes that use less energy, finding ways to improve efficiency when transporting our products, and have launched "zero emissions" initiatives. These efforts contribute to the goal of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society and represent a positive step toward green manufacturing.

Developing products with an eye to the future.

It has been reported that if every home in Japan switched to more energy-efficient windows, we could cut CO2 emissions by some 17,000,000 tons per year. Cedar trees take CO2 out of the air by absorbing it and storing that carbon in solid form. If we wanted to cut CO2 by the same amount using cedar trees, we would have to plant nearly 10 trees for every person in Japan.
YKK AP is developing high performance, energy-efficient windows that block heat, provide thermal insulation and regulate ventilation. These products help keep indoor conditions comfortable while improving energy efficiency.

Solutions for more eco-friendly living.

Energy-we can live with less.
A comfortable home starts with the right windows.

YKK AP can offer solutions that will allow users to live comfortably all year round while using much less energy. A lot can be achieved by choosing windows that provide excellent thermal insulation and taking steps to improve the areas around the windows for better control over the natural elements of light, wind, heat and water.

The evolving art of manufacturing-cutting CO2, balancing ecology and the economy.

Improving both the environment and the economy over the long term is necessary for a society to achieve sustainable development. At the root of this is the technology used to make things. In addition to our commitment to a customer-first philosophy, YKK AP sees the environment as a critical concern in how we run the company. In all our business endeavors, YKK AP has structures in place designed to advance our environmental policy.

Policies to stop global warming.

In the effort to stop global warming, YKK AP is working to cut CO2 emissions in our manufacturing, sales and distribution divisions and making concerted efforts to reduce energy usage and improve the efficiency of distribution operations. In our manufacturing and sales divisions, we are working hard to cut the amount of energy used per unit weight of products shipped by 1.5% per year. We have also installed biomass boilers, which can utilize wooden pallets as fuel, and are actively investing in other energy-saving technology (e.g. interior windows, production equipment, lighting and air conditioning).
In our distribution division, YKK AP is shifting to alternative modes of transport and trying to reduce transport distances in an effort to transport our products with greater efficiency.

Promoting the 3Rs and Zero Emissions

YKK AP is helping build a more recycling-oriented society with efforts aimed at reaching a goal of zero emissions, based on the principles of the "3Rs": Reduce (waste), Reuse, and Recycle. We have defined "zero emissions" as the successful recycling of at least 97% of the waste materials generated through our business activities. It is a target we have reached every consecutive year since fiscal 2005.