From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.



We take a user-centered approach to the art of manufacturing. This has made YKK AP a brand that customers choose by name.

YKK AP is in the business of architectural products. Architectural products are finished goods for architectural applications and are different from building materials. Take windows, for example. A window is assembled from materials such as glass and frame. Windows become a part of the space in which they are used, and they perform certain functions. By producing windows in factories, we can achieve higher levels of quality and market them as architectural products. Ever since YKK AP entered the market of aluminum building materials, we have looked to create a good business and improve quality. We have also striven to offer variations in color and use vinyl and other materials while offering an increasing number of types of windows. YKK AP has helped foster the creation of new styles in homes and created new ways of doing business. We have grown as a specialist manufacturer in the truest sense and will work to maintain our position as one that customers choose by name.

Our close connection with the customer relies on a sales and distribution network that has been reorganized and structured to harness YKK AP's technical strength to maximize the salability of our products and our ability to offer solutions to customer needs. Reflecting an effort to boost our sales capabilities, our Business Division has been renamed the Sales Division. Additionally, our main branch offices have been set up as regional offices as we implement a system of regional management. At the same time, we have integrated the manufacture, sales and development of our windows in an ongoing effort to expand our window business. Through the combined efforts of our Development Division, Production Division and laboratories, YKK AP is working closely with customers and communities in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.