From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.



02. Residential products

A home consists of more than just walls, floors and ceilings. It will also have openings in the form of doors and windows, which let in natural light and breezes. Through these openings, the indoor and outdoor spaces are linked organically. YKK AP has commercialized many of these key components for the home. We offer a diverse line of window products which include window frames and rain shutters, entrance products which include front doors and sliding doors, interior products which include interior doors, partitions and stairways, and exterior products which include balconies and terraces, gates and exterior materials. We use these products in a holistic approach to help users create more comfortable homes, offering solutions that encompass everything from outdoor structures and facades to interiors. We look to take advantage of natural energy sources so as to help users live better and more healthy lives while minimizing their impact on the environment. YKK AP is engaged in the effort to realize a less carbon-intensive society.