From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.



04. Renovations

Faced with a shrinking population, Japan is looking at ways to achieve a society that is vibrant and sustainable. One of them is to make infrastructure (e.g. roads and bridges) and the other things we build last longer, so they can be used for longer periods.
YKK AP is actively engaged in the business of renovations, injecting new value into existing buildings and homes by reworking the openings for a new generation of users.
For housing, we develop products and provide solutions for openings and other areas that can increase the value of the home. These include our "smart cover" construction methods, whereby existing windows can be replaced with the latest window technology in very little time. We also offer energy-saving interior windows, improve the insulating properties of front doors, and can install "smart doors" that offer improved convenience for the user.
For housing complexes, we provide architectural materials that perform a variety of functions, from improving energy efficiency, restoring areas that are deteriorating, improving safety, and giving exteriors a new look. And all these come with our one-of-a-kind construction expertise.