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WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY - The YKK Group's contributions to society

Roots in the community, contributing to society.

The activities of the YKK Group are rooted in our philosophy of the Cycle of Goodness, which holds that "No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others." It is out of this philosophy that we take a step back from the normal activities of doing business to pursue other missions, such as education, vitalization of the community and supporting efforts to promote international exchange. We hope to be seen as a positive influence in the community and a valued member of society, and to that end, we are committed to activities that foster cultural growth.

  • Observing plant life at "Furusato no mori"
    (on the grounds of our Kurobe office)

  • "Kurobe water youth group"
    learning about the importance of water

  • A completed ecological map

  • YKK Asia Group Kids
    Football Clinic

  • An "emergency unit" set up in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture

  • Elementary school students learning about the environment (Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture)

  • MADO shops opening in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima

  • Factory tour and environmental lesson (China)

  • Teaching kindergartners about the environment(Brazil)