From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.


President's Message

Striving to create
a happier society
through manufacturing

Windows are an essential part of our living.
Many civilizations and cultures have come into being throughout history. Cultures of each country and region have spawned many different notions about what a window should be and have developed windows with various shapes and functions. Windows may be a minor element in architecture, but their role is now expanding. Not only letting in or keeping out various elements such as rain, wind, heat, light and sound, but recently windows are also expected to provide comfort and contribute to the health of people's living space. Windows are also playing a major role in getting us to the goal of a much less energy-intensive society. To meet these demands, the functions and performance of windows, and even how they are made, are evolving. We bring our technologies together to create new technologies and provide new value to consumers around the world.
Our business domain is Architectural Products. We're committed to making industrial products that combine art and technology, which are the heart of architecture. That commitment is reflected in the YKK AP company name.
Change the windows, and it will change the architecture and how people live. We take pleasure in being involved in such an endeavor, as we will continue to strive for manufacturing that creates a happy society.

Tadahiro Yoshida Chairman and CEO

Delivering happiness
to customers through
high added value
and demand creation

With our diverse line of architectural products, YKK AP promotes more comfortable lifestyles and urban spaces, while we also contributing to realizing a sustainable society where people lead a rich life. The business environment is undergoing big changes with each passing day, inside and outside of Japan. We are constantly thinking about what we should do to sustain growth in these business conditions. How can we provide high value that satisfies customers? How can we create new demand and provide products that help people live healthily and comfortably? In order to realize these visions and manufacture better products, we go one step further to improve our product appeal, proposals, and technology, which we have been cultivating through the years.
This is supported by the YKK philosophy of the "Cycle of Goodness." Our founder, Tadao Yoshida, believed that "No one prospers without renderingunless they render benefit to others." These are the words we live by. We will treat customers, society, employees and stakeholders with fairness. As a manufacturer, we will take a serious approach to manufacturing and technology. A company is its people. Through the unique talents of our employees, YKK AP will continue to provide products and services that deliver happiness for customers.

Hidemitsu Hori President