From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.


President's Message

Windows are a form of culture and civilization.

The "AP" in our company name, YKK AP, stands for "architectural products"-a category of industrial products that combine the elements of art and technology that are essential to architecture.
Windows and doors are our core business. Windows and doors are a part of every building, and they can largely determine the performance and aesthetic qualities of the structure as a whole. For example, because much of the heat that flows into or out of a building will pass through the windows and doors, these elements play a major role in determining the energy efficiency and comfort of a particular living space.
YKK AP has helped to rewrite the book on windows. Branching out from the business of window and door frames, YKK AP has built up its window business by creating products that are more stylish and offer a diversity of functional and performance characteristics. The change in name of one of our business enterprises from "construction materials," which includes even raw materials, to "AP" (architectural products), reflects a shared sense of purpose, and we plan to continue as the industry leader in windows into the future. Meanwhile, we have also built our business in architectural Facades into a global venture and actively sought new challenges in cutting-edge architecture, such as taking on projects involving construction of exteriors for super high-rise buildings. The wealth of advanced technology we have amassed through our work in this area is a driving force propelling the evolution of our business.
At YKK AP, we have an expression: "Windows are a form of culture and civilization." This is something we have come to believe through our work with windows over the years. From region to region, the types of windows used vary based on the lifestyles of the people who live there. Windows contribute to better living. This means that not only does every window have a story to tell, but that windows have the power to transform architectural spaces and the power to make our lives more comfortable. YKK AP will continue working to expand the possibilities for these products that are such an integral part of our lives. Through our business of windows and doors and other architectural products, YKK AP is helping to push the development of architectural culture; in so doing, we contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

Tadahiro Yoshida Chairman and CEO YKK AP Inc.

Pleasing customers with our ability to offer solutions and products with strong appeal.

At YKK AP, we create comfortable living spaces using our windows and doors. And with our building Facades, we help add beauty to the urban landscape. YKK AP stands at the forefront of efforts to make daily living and urban spaces more comfortable.
Under the objectives of our Fourth Mid-Term Management Plan, which went into effect in FY2013, YKK AP will work to achieve sustained growth of our AP business by relying on our strengths as a solution-oriented company and one that can create products with strong consumer appeal. To maximize product appeal, we must remember what it means to be a manufacturer, and always try to see our products through the eyes of potential users. To do this, we will work to enhance product appeal by improving speed of development, quality, and cost competitiveness. We also want to boost our ability to suggest the right products based on the customer's specific needs because we want those who use our products to be both happy and impressed.
For overseas markets, we are working to develop products that are a good fit for the climates and natural features of those countries. YKK AP will maintain its commitment to community-based expansion, with the idea that products manufactured in a particular country or region are best used by the people who live there. Meanwhile, in Japan, demand for new housing is trending downward and efforts to conserve resources are on the rise, meaning we must do more to make the best use of existing housing stock. YKK AP is working with building material distributors around Japan to set up retail outlets ("MADO SHOP") and promote replacement of old, inferior windows. The energy-related challenges we face are not getting any easier, which is one reason that energy conservation in the home has become such a key concern. YKK AP is doing its part to help create eco-friendly, comfortable living spaces through focused efforts to develop products for the home and office that block heat, insulate or promote ventilation to help users cut their energy usage. We can also offer suggestions for incorporating our highly energy-efficient windows and auxiliary products into your space.
YKK AP will maintain its commitment to maximize the performance of architectural spaces. We're working to conserve energy by building better windows, helping to promote a low-carbon economy and a better society.

Hidemitsu Hori President YKK AP Inc.