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CREATION - The YKK AP approach to product development

YKK AP - A technology company looking to create new value, pushing the boundaries in next-generation manufacturing.

The art of manufacturing is about more than just production. Manufacturing is about creating new value. High functionality and performance becomes the basis for even higher functionality and performance, and beauty begets a higher beauty. This is the culture of objects, and could be called an economic effect. And it is why YKK AP is unwavering in its commitment to the art of manufacturing.
As a technology company that creates new value, YKK AP gives first priority to the value, quality and safety of our products and is pursuing development of products and technologies that can earn the satisfaction and trust of consumers as well as address environmental concerns.

Product development

A manufacturing cycle which creates higher value.

At YKK AP, we start with the premise that our products should be friendly to the people who use them, to the spaces where they are used, and to the environment, both urban and natural. Our manufacturing cycle involves a repeating process of development, testing, evaluation and improvement, and is what allows us to offer products that are a cut above.

The YKK AP approach to manufacturing

Product evaluation

A user-centered approach to product development.

Under YKK AP's user-centered approach to product development, product testing by regular people is an important part of the development process. At our Value Verification Center, product testers are invited to use our products in conditions close to those experienced in daily life, and we record their impressions and observations. Then, by identifying latent needs, we can make products that are more useful and easier to use and that can improve the quality of life for our customers.

Universal design that aims for the ideal.

In universal design, the goal is to design products that can be used safely and easily by everyone. YKK AP has maintained a commitment to the principles of universal design, and conducts product testing at our Value Verification Center as part of the design and development process.

Safety and design

We test the safety and ease of use of new operation mechanisms, taking care to preserve the design characteristics while making sure our products can be used safely.

Usability in emergency situations

Our motorized products are designed to be simple to operate by hand in the event of blackouts during earthquakes and other emergency situations.

Ease of use in daily living

We want our products to be easy to use for children, adults, the elderly and the disabled. Our products are tested by people of different heights and physical capabilities in an effort to develop products that anyone can use.

Ease of maintenance

Because we want our products to last, we make sure they are easy to maintain and that parts can by easily replaced.