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MANUFACTURING - YKK AP manufacturing technology

Developing our own manufacturing systems to give us a competitive edge.

The YKK Group and YKK AP are taking manufacturing to a higher level with an integrated production system that encompasses everything from materials and manufacturing equipment down to the finished products.

A flexible production system

Advanced manufacturing involves a shift from producing a few items in large quantities to producing many different items in small quantities, to satisfy a more diverse range of customer needs. YKK AP is developing flexible production systems for a variety of product categories. This allows us to adjust our production capacity and improve processes, and achieve efficient low-volume production. We've also established separate product manufacturing divisions and are providing a model for how to achieve next-generation production.

Product Manufacturing Division structure

At YKK AP, the customer comes first in everything we do. To ensure we live up to that commitment, we have restructured our production system and established one in which the manufacture of each category of products, for example, windows, is overseen by a separate division. The goal is to establish a build-to-order production system that enables us to handle such things as short product cycles, extra strict quality requirements and short delivery deadlines. To guarantee the highest levels of quality for our customers, the YKK Group's in-house production system encompasses all facets of production from the development of new materials in metals, resins, and ceramics, to the design and manufacture of production equipment for the full range of production processes, plus development of process control systems.

An intro to YKK AP's manufacturing lines

*Not all lines are in place at all production sites.

Window manufacturing line

We manufacture windows as products that can be selected in the same way as cars or home appliances. All steps are integrated, from the manufacture of frames, glass and other components to final assembly. The windows manufactured in our carefully controlled plants provide high performance guaranteed products that can be used safely.

Aluminum profiles manufacturing line

Aluminum profiles are manufactured in a process that involves the melting of raw aluminum, extrusion, surface treatment, fabrication and assembly. We control all steps from melting and molding to product packaging. This integration lets us achieve higher levels of precision and quality.

Plastic architectural components manufacturing line

All-polymer windows offer excellent insulation to help users conserve energy. We control all processes, from the blending of raw materials to injection molding, finishing work and glass insertion. This helps us guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Glass manufacturing line

We manufacture high performance, high function laminated glass. Our Low-E laminated glass (heat-blocking type/insulated type), laminated security glass, gas-filled laminated glass and gasketed laminated glass help make homes more energy efficient and safe.

Components manufacturing line

We have an integrated production process which includes everything from the molding of vinyl parts, die-cast parts, and metal fittings used in windows and doors to processing, painting and assembly. The "Crescent," which contributes to the air-tightness and water-tightness of a horizontal sliding window and is used as a lock, is manufactured on an assembly line that is fully automated.

Curtain wall manufacturing line

We manufacture curtain walls for low- and medium-rise up to super high-rise buildings and other challenging construction projects. Our products offer the advanced technology required for special projects and a wide range of design options, and have been used to construct numerous buildings both in Japan and overseas.

Steel door manufacturing line

YKK AP produces steel doors for everything from housing complexes to office buildings. Using steel, we manufacture high-performance products that are user-friendly and combine stylish design with function that promotes comfortable living.

Exterior materials manufacturing line

We also manufacture light and durable metal siding (high-grade aluminum alloy sheets). Coiled sheet metal is first embossed with a pattern. It is then shaped and injected with foam insulation to become the finished product.

Interior materials manufacturing line

Interior products with the unique warmth and feel of wood. Using wood from specially planted trees as well as engineered wood, we manufacture wooden fittings for interior doors, sliding doors and closets with a strong emphasis on quality, function, ease of installation and design.

Flow of Materials

The raw materials used in YKK AP's products include aluminum, plastics, and wood. The natural resources we use include aluminum ore, petroleum-based plastics, and raw lumber. In light of the high environmental impact of these raw materials, we make a point of re-using scrap aluminum collected in the form of old window frames and aluminum wheels as well as leftover material generated during production, plus wood meal and other recycled materials in the effort to become a greener company.