About YKK AP

About YKK AP

We Build a Better Society Through Architectural Products.

"No one prospers without rendering benefit to others."
YKK's Founder, Tadao Yoshida named this philosophy the "Cycle of Goodness" and made it central to all
business activities as he built the YKK Group into what it is today.
Our mission at YKK AP is to carry on this philosophy and provide our customers with windows
and other architectural products to lead healthy and comfortable lifestyles.
Going forward, we will continue refining the technical skills we have accumulated over the years to
offer products that will bring happiness to people around the world.

YKK Group and YKK AP Philosophy

A company that builds a better society

By continuing to provide products that meet the wishes of customers and business partners, we become a company that consistently contributes to customers, business partners, and society at large. At YKK AP, we have nurtured this idea since our founding. Building a better society through our activities is the meaning and purpose of our business.

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President's Message

Becoming a company that builds a better society through sustainability management

President Hidemitsu Hori takes a look back at business in FY 2020, describes the business policy and measures of the Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan - which will begin in FY 2021 - and discusses sustainability initiatives and other strategies aimed at sustainable growth amidst changing times.

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The Value Creation Process at YKK AP to Support Sustainable Growth

The "Cycle of Goodness" is a part of YKK AP's DNA, and is the foundation of all our business activities. We carry on this philosophy in order to sustainably grow our business while responding to the needs and problems of society.

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Sustainability Management

We believe that through our business, we can help fight climate change and tackle social issues such as demographic movements and lifestyle changes. Our goal is sustainable growth for our company and society going into the future.

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YKK Group Management Structure

In FY 2021, the YKK Group merged the YKK Machinery & Engineering Group, which had been responsible for manufacturing dedicated machines and developing equipment for the YKK Group, into the fastening business and AP business, respectively. Furthermore, YKK AP will switch from a six-region global management structure for the entire YKK Group to a consolidated management system in which Japan's YKK AP manages YKK AP Group companies around the world to sustainably enhance business competitiveness. In line with such reorganization, YKK AP's capital has changed from 10 billion yen to 14 billion yen. The YKK Group will strive for further growth as a corporate group that shares the YKK Philosophy and Management Principle.

*Technology & Innovation Center (TIC)...A YKK organization that explores new technologies and business areas, and develops elemental technologies, etc., to enhance the business competitiveness of the entire YKK Group.