Residential Business

Proposing comfortable lifestyles with windows and doors

Focusing on our "APW" window business brand, we propose lifestyles that are "safe and secure" and offer "health and comfort" through windows and doors. We aim to create a house-friendly and people-friendly society.

Main products


Entrance doors/sliding doors

Interior doors/partitions

Window shutters

Business strengths

  • Wide range and variety of high thermal insulation windows that contribute to healthy and comfortable lifestyles
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation products which support for earthquake and typhoon resistant houses with under the key words "safe and secure"
  • Active use of online business mediums (forums, seminars, exhibitions, individual proposals) during the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Preparing for a decline in new housing starts
  • Product proposals and customer support to accommodate changes in lifestyles and work styles
  • Enhancing our product supply system to handle sudden demand fluctuations such as responses to typhoons

Focus themes

  • Providing social value and generating demand through value-added products
  • Product offerings and customer support to meet changes in lifestyles and work styles
  • Enhance competitiveness by bolstering our high thermal insulation products and transitioning toward platforms

FY 2020 Summary

In the 5th Mid-term Management Plan, promoting windows with high thermal insulation performance was a core policy that guided our activities. During the final year of the plan in FY 2020 sales of our "APW" Series of vinyl windows increased to 102% of the previous year. Most notably, sales of our high-performance triple-glazing glass vinyl window "APW 430" drove our high thermal insulation business with a significant increase to 132% of the previous year.
The ratio of vinyl windows against our total number of residential windows shipped (vinyl window transition rate) was 29%, while the ratio of high thermal insulation including aluminum-vinyl composite windows was 67%, marking the ongoing shift toward high thermal insulation. Our ratio of high thermal insulation has been 56% four years ago, since which time we have raised it by 11 percentage points. Due to the market decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, sales in our Residential Business decreased to 96% of the previous year.

Mid-term priority measures

The residential business has focused on promoting windows with high thermal insulation, particularly vinyl windows. Our goal is not only to achieve energy conservation, but to take on societal challenges such as improving residents' health and property values. In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, in order to achieve a high thermal insulation ratio of 80% we will move forward with value propositions centered on two product series—the "APW" vinyl window series and the "APSWORD II" aluminum-vinyl composite windows launched in April 2021.
We will deploy products under the themes "safe and secure" and "health and comfort" adapted to fit changing lifestyles and bolster our lineup of products with outstanding functionality and refined designs. And by continuing and enhancing the new communication methods which we began in FY 2020 such as online events and exhibitions, we will cultivate ways to clearly convey the value of our products to our customers and business partners.

Corporate officer's commitment

We consider it most important to make value proposals that take into account"safe and secure," and "health and comfort," in response to changing living environments and diversifying needs. We anticipate that in terms of both work and private life, people will be spending more time at home, and customers want their homes to be the safest place they know. To that end we will engage in comprehensive proposal activities for value-added products such as high thermal insulation windows that help maintain comfortable temperatures, and shutters with high wind pressure resistance that protect against increasingly frequent typhoons. Through our products and services, we will continue to deliver "safety and security with windows" and contribute to communities and society.

Director, Senior Vice President
Residential Business

Akira Uozu