Exterior Business

Proposing spaces that make living more comfortable

We will create new value by deploying products that unite "house" and "garden". We are providing exterior products that make it easy to fully coordinate the residential property and each family's lifestyle.

Main products



Gates & fences


Exterior materials

Business strengths

  • Ability to provide fully coordinated proposals for buildings and exteriors
  • Market creation with products for garden space proposals and comfortable exteriors and buildings
  • Easy selection with products organized into luxury, mid-grade, and standard types


  • Improve sales with dedicated locations, specialized sales/development personnel
  • Improve cost competitiveness by building manufacturing and supply systems in response to the areas demand
  • Expand business area by enhancing public exterior products and sales

Focus themes

  • Improve proposals for fully coordinated solutions for buildings and exteriors of detached homes to house makers and home builders
  • Expand sales of exterior products by sales enhancement through exteriors contractor channels
  • Improve cost competitiveness by optimizing manufacturing and supply systems by product/channel

FY 2020 Summary

The exterior market experienced a significant year-on-year decline in the first half due to the economic slump brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the spike in demand leading up to the sales tax increase in FY 2020. In the second half, economic activity gradually returned as demand reversion after the sales tax hike tapered off to signal a recovery while the spread of the COVID-19 outside of major metropolitan areas stabilized. Consumer sentiment also improved among our customers, and the market in the second half recovered to a level only slightly lower than the previous year. However, the market declined significantly year-on-year overall. Our sales strengthening efforts through product appeal and proposal capabilities achieved good results, so our sales in the Exterior Business greatly outperformed the market but still amounted to only 97% of the previous year.

Mid-term priority measures

In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, the exterior business will strengthen its organization and systems corresponding to sales channels based on a policy "to boost sales by providing fully coordinated proposals for buildings and exteriors".
In the new construction, exterior, and remodel markets, we will bolster existing sales channels and strengthen sales to link proposals for full coordination of buildings and exteriors to increased sales. With the creation of a new "Planning Management Department," we are also aiming to bolster the ability to make proposals for all-inclusive designs that encompass the surrounding streetscape especially for properties built for sale. We began to work with garden exterior sector for commercial buildings from FY2020. We deployed exterior products for office buildings used by many people, multi-family residences, factories, warehouses, and more, and will make efforts to expand the business further. By strengthening both our product appeal and sales capabilities, we will continue to grow the exterior business.

Corporate officer's commitment

Through our Exterior Business, we provide "health and comfort," "energy conservation," "energy creation," "safety and security," and other benefits to customers and society. Among these efforts, we seek to develop and popularize environmentally friendly products. These include our own original exterior products to accommodate planting that promotes greening around buildings, as well as non-formaldehyde products made mainly of wood powder and polypropylene which are recyclable, earth-friendly materials that are also healthy for residents. We also offer products that help shield the sun to maintain comfortable temperatures, save electricity, and reduce energy consumption.
We will continue working to overcome social issues and direct our efforts into developing products that create value for customers and providing social value.

Senior Vice President
Exterior Business

Masato Shinozuka