Renovation Business

Bringing new value to residences

We bring value to old residences that exceeds the value of new construction by using our renovation products and installation methods to improve the design, thermal insulation, convenience, and quake-resistance of windows and doors.

Main products

Window remodeling

Door remodeling

Quake-resistance retrofitting

Business strengths

  • Full lineup of remodeling products for single family home windows and doors
  • High thermal insulation for single family home windows and doors
  • Lineup of window and door remodeling products for private condominium areas


  • Create demand by further raising awareness of remodeling opportunities for single family home windows and doors
  • Promote renovation proposals for the housing performance improvement
  • Further expand our thermal insulation product lineup for condominiums

Focus themes

  • Create demand with energy efficiency, quake-resistance, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation proposals for single family homes
  • Further popularize renovations for housing performance improvement by launching the Association of Performance Improvement Renovation
  • Promote window and door thermal insulation for condominiums

FY 2020 Summary

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic renovation projects were postponed, and sales totaled 99% of the previous year. However, under these market circumstances we utilized online methods while increasing contact points with local contractors and promoted large-scale single family home renovation projects via renovation proposals for performance improvement. As for products, performance was strong for our wind resistance and ventilation related products, which were aided also by an upswing in new demand. As a result, we were able to achieve 172% of the previous year's sales for "Kantan Mado Remo Shutters" and 123% of the previous year's sales for "Kantan Door Remo Ventilated Doors".

Mid-term priority measures

In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, the renovation business will strengthen proposal capability centered on windows and doors to contribute to the improvement of living environments under the themes of "safe and secure" and "health and comfort."
For single-family houses, we will bolster our products that offer "energy conservation," "quake resistance," and "disaster prevention and mitigation." In the condominium sector, we will launch products for private condominium areas and promote further high thermal insulation as well as raise awareness and create demand for window remodeling using digital technology. For single family house renovations in particular, we will build on the knowledge gained through the 14 homes that took part in the "Renovation Demonstration Project for the Housing Performance Improvement" up until FY 2020 to further spread awareness of improvement renovations by taking steps such as the launch of the "Association of Performance Improvement Renovation," a network of building contractors engaged in renovation with the goal of "bringing security and health to all homes through renovation."

Corporate officer's commitment

Renovation refers to construction work that maintains the still good parts of an existing building. It can improve the performance of buildings such as residences to a better-than-new state, and thus increase their value. With renovations that "mitigate summer heat and winter cold," "energy conservation," "prepare for earthquakes and other disasters," and "extend the life of buildings," we provide "health and comfortable," "safe and secure" living environments while helping to realize a sustainable society. By also communicating to society about our renovation products and popularization initiatives, we are helping to resolve social issues such as abandoned homes which have become a major problem in Japan's rural areas due to shrinking population and urban migration.

Vice President
Renovation Business

Toshiki Kikui