Commercial Business

Creating beautiful and functional urban spaces

We provide value-added solutions such as facade designs and energy conservations for office buildings, condominiums, medical facilities, and more to contribute to shaping urban scenery and achieving a sustainable society.

Main products

Office building windows

Curtain walls

Building entrances

Windows and doors for residential buildings

Remodeling products

Business strengths

  • Strong product line appreciated by users for long term, including office building windows, curtain walls, etc.
  • Strong sales and proposal capabilities owing to a network covering the whole country
  • Technology capability to handle challenging projects


  • Respond to market changes due to shrinking population, natural environment, social environment, and other effects
  • Labor shortage due to aging of skilled workers
  • Expand business fields

Focus themes

  • Development and introduction of products and services that meet market needs for thermal insulation, fire resistant, disaster prevention, safety, ventilation, contactless, etc.
  • Continuously working to improve supply (lead time) competitiveness and achieve even better quality
  • Further expansion of existing businesses and initiatives for new business

FY 2020 Summary

After shrinking in FY 2019, the commercial building construction market (started non-wood construction floor area) shrunk again in FY 2020 to 90% of its size the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both residential and non-residential building projects declined significantly. Sales was also significantly impacted by the pandemic, decreasing to 94% of the previous year due to the combined factors of delays and cancellations of planned projects along with slowed progress in onsite construction.
As contactless sales methods for the COVID-19 era, we have been holding online exhibitions and using online mediums to conduct new product seminars and sales actions such as proposals for individual projects. We have also expanded our lineup of products available to order online, reduced lead time, and bolstered our competitiveness on the supply side.

Mid-term priority measures

In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, the commercial products business will aim for "further increasing market share" and "boosting profitability." To strengthen sales touchpoints for new construction and renovations alike, we will make use of "AZ five Tokyo" to propose ready-made products, "PROPOSAL 8th" to propose made-to-order and custom-made products, and online exhibitions, "to help inspire proposals." In the renovation sector, we will respond to needs for "ventilation" and "contactless" and create a renovation market through proposals further strengthened by integration of the renovation organization.
In our product lineup, we will expand our fire-resistant products for multi-family residences, improve our ability to propose exterior designs and expand features and sizes for fire-resistant products for non-residential buildings, and improve our ability to propose thermal insulation refurbishment of multi-family residences for renovations. We will also improve cost competitiveness through manufacturing reform, make supply chain enhancements such as shortening lead times, and work together across manufacturing, sales, and technical teams to boost business competitiveness.

Corporate officer's commitment

Building construction involves different applications, parts, and usage environments. Our mission is to focus on quality and provide products, technology, and installation that can be used "safely and securely" over the long-term, and thus contribute to increasing the value of buildings. In response to changing customer needs in the face of a shrinking population and changes in the natural and social environments, we offer new products and services that ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. With construction sites also facing the problem of labor shortages, we are helping to solve this industry-wide social problem by working together with the YKK AP Group Installation Cooperative to train young technicians through the YKK AP Installation Skills Training Academy and are also developing products and installation methods that require less labor.

Senior Vice President
Commercial Business

Hiroyuki Seguchi