Research & Development

Creating new value through monozukuri

We have consolidated our research, development, and verification activities in Kurobe City, Toyama. By building rapid and timely product development systems, we are implementing monozukuri processes in the pursuit of high quality and advanced technology.

Business strengths

  • Research and development, manufacturing and production technology engineers gathered in Technology Headquarters in Kurobe, Toyama.
  • A flat organization and environment which allows young and veteran engineers to freely exchange of ideas
  • Product development, verification, and proposals/dissemination cycles running by three technology centers, YKK AP R&D Center, Value Verification Center, and Partners Support Studio


  • Long-term engagement based on the customer point of view, from the first product use to maintenance and remodeling
  • Build Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process to pursue enhanced profitability and development efficiency balanced with eco-friendliness.
  • Human resource and engineer development to strengthen overseas business and differentiation based on technology

Focus themes

  • Respond to social changes and demands such as energy efficiency, easy-installation, disaster prevention and mitigation, and the SDGs.
  • Promote development of product-specific platforms and modules
  • Provide beneficial information to users throughout the entire product lifecycle

FY 2020 Summary

Setting front-loading model development as the standard, we operated with new development processes for all development themes. In PLM building, platform deployment of CAD and PDM (product data management) functions begins with exterior products as a means to centralize design information. In terms of products, we consolidated our aluminum-vinyl composite window series and released the "APSWORD II" as an expansion of our lineup of high thermal insulation, fire-resistant products. We also fulfilled the needs of a diverse range of markets, releasing disaster-resistant carports, differentiated building-specific fire-resistant products, and more. At our three technology facilities we have deployed new methods of value verifications, technology proposals, and information diffusion, including online networking events and streaming of imaging technology.

Mid-term priority measures

In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, we will engage in creating new value with products and technologies that respond to environmental and social changes. At the same time, we will pursue and deploy flexible and efficient monozukuri as well as sustainability. In product appeal and technology, we will focus on the customer's point of view and pursue thorough cultivation and improvement of the four types of quality (product, worksite, usage, and information) throughout the product lifecycle. In addition, we will use platforms built for each product to work toward integrating information and improving efficiency throughout the value chain from design and development to manufacturing and supply, installation, and maintenance after completion.
To meet society's demand for sustainability, we will apply product lifecycle management (PLM) to all business activities to work toward both SDGs and the growth and expansion of the business. And by proactively disclosing a variety of information by considering the users' point of view, we will enable more beneficial proposals and information sharing.

Corporate officer's commitment

The important thing for the construction of buildings is for windows and doors that are key building components that not only fill the openings for which they are intended, but also have a large impact on the performance of the building, including "thermal insulation," "air flow and ventilation," "daylighting," "crime prevention," and "disaster prevention." Needs pertaining to windows and doors for construction have been changing along with changes in society and the natural environment in recent years. Society in general has shown greater desire for "safety and security," "health and comfort" in particular, and these are also key points for achieving sustainability. In addition to doors and windows, we are helping to realize a enriched society that is "safe and secure," "health and comfort" with all of our products for residential and commercial building, including interior and exterior building materials.

Director, Senior Vice President
Research & Development

Shuichi Mizukami