Concentrating our technology to achieve higher quality

From the optimal materials for monozukuri to components and manufacturing equipment, we build integrated production systems to develop and produce our products in-house. We continue to devote ourselves to monozukuri and providing high-quality products consistently.

Business strengths

  • Technology capability through equipment, and line design that involves the Machinery and Engineering from the product planning stage
  • Market competitiveness from order receiving to supply under the windows business model, and YKK AP's specific vinyl window automation and labor-saving technology
  • Concurrent product development and quality assurance by integrated production from materials to parts, glass foundations and fabrication


  • Rebuild manufacturing and supply systems and reform monozukuri in response to changing business climates and market shrinkage
  • Develop labor-saving technology to prepare for falling populations in the future (production lines, transportation and delivery, installation methods)
  • Respond to rising cost of materials (controlling usage volumes through recycling technology, resource-saving production, and efficient supply chains)

Focus themes

  • Total cost reductions through product-based monozukuri reform, from materials procurement to supply
  • Responding to business environment changes (streamline equipments, workers, and materials)
  • Implement work style reforms through continued business process and efficiency improvements

FY 2020 Summary

In the 5th Mid-term Management Plan, we set out a policy of "Build production system to increase product value and withstand changes in the business environment" and we worked on key initiatives to improve profitability of new products and raise the efficiency of equipment, workers, and materials. In the final fiscal year of the plan FY2020 we set out to increase our competitiveness in the market through product-based monozukuri reform, and during the COVID-19 pandemic we worked to reduce fixed costs all around, trim staff numbers to accommodate rising and falling production volumes and improve productivity in our business operations. Now, we have now established a formidable organization for conditions in the new normal leading up to the 6th Mid-term Management Plan.

Mid-term priority measures

In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, we will execute on manufacturing and supply measures to improve competitiveness in both business and product in line with a basic policy to "increase competitiveness in the market through product-based monozukuri reform". Monozukuri reform consists of "platforms" to standardize products, equipment, and production lines, "smart factories" to promote digital transformation based on an information foundation and digital technology, and a production base policy to improve competitiveness through optimal production and supply systems.
In FY 2021, we merged functionality with the Machinery and Engineering department, the technical core of the YKK Group, to form Machinery and Engineering. Through this merger, we will strengthen our technology by deepening differentiation technology and working toward equipment standardization and cost reduction.
In addition, we will develop environmentally friendly materials and improve packaging reduction and recycling technologies to contribute to a sustainable society.

Corporate officer's commitment

Manufacturing Division, which is in charge of production, aims to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption through systematic updates of building infrastructure and facilities, as well as developing labor-saving facility technologies and deploying logistics measures across the country. Doing so, we are strengthening our manufacturing and supply systems while paying greater consideration to the environment.
In addition, by developing more sustainable materials, improving packaging reduction and recycling technologies, and other initiatives in line with the SDGs, we are contributing toward a sustainable society. Based on the concept of building work environments that facilitate work and motivate employees and the idea of "exceptional safety", we will work to eliminate workspace injury, prepare for natural disasters, and further strengthen our safety system.

Senior Vice President

Hiroshi Abe