High Rise Building Business

Facades that increase a building's value

We undertake the process from design to installation of facades for office buildings, condominiums, high-rise complexes, and more to provide the optimal facade system, fit for the purpose and needs.

Line of business

Curtain walls (made-to-order and standard)

Office building windows

Business strengths

  • Proposal capabilities to turn the envisioned facades into reality
  • Ability to handle issues with facade according to the circumstances
  • Technology capability to handle challenging proposals


  • Price wars against competitors including overseas manufacturers
  • Aging workers and labor shortages at construction sites of installation partners
  • Mitigating risk related to quality, cost, and lead times in overseas procurement

Focus themes

  • Expand coverage area and boost market share through cooperation with Commercial Business
  • Work toward a low-carbon or decarbonized society by reducing environmental impact
  • Practice new work styles while also improving productivity

FY 2020 Summary

Despite FY 2020 having started under state of emergency declaration, we still generally produced our expected level of orders for new office building construction projects, including large redevelopment projects in both Tokyo and Osaka.
Despite ongoing restrictions on activities such as meetings with customers, visits to suppliers and product inspections at factories, we were able to arrange for online inspections and management systems that enabled us to continue projects we are handling which were already in progress. We are making further improvements to these new initiatives. However, we have been impacted by temporary construction site shutdowns as outbreaks have occurred at some construction sites. As a result, sales were 98% of the previous year.

Mid-term priority measures

The High-Rise Building Division has provided challenging facades for target projects safely and steadily. As a result of handling each individual projects with care, we are seeing our reputation for technology and responsiveness rise. Based on these results, we have set forth further sales growth as our goal for the 6th Mid-term Management Plan. We will work together with the Commercial Business, gradually expand the areas we support, and enhance our sales touchpoints via next-generation concept proposals by "PROPOSAL 8th" and proposals for priority measures. In the first half of the Mid-term Plan, we will work on our systems and foundations to become a "partner" for each project rather than a "vendor". On the technical side, we will implement effective proposals to respond to market needs such as diversification of designs, heat load reduction, improved thermal insulation, and ventilation in order to add value to construction.

Corporate officer's commitment

With work styles changing so rapidly, the roles expected of office buildings and the functions they serve are also changing. Of course, building facades are no exception. Facades are expected to be future-minded in both design and function. We are also expected to deploy new work in fulfilling these needs. At the same time, the facade system that we offer not only helps provide the structure for buildings with great outside appearance and comfortable interior spaces, but by taking factors such as CO2 emissions into consideration in the manufacturing and installation phases of products we are also contributing to social objectives such as reducing environmental impact.

Vice President
High Rise building Division

Kazuhiro Kitano