Special Accounts Business

Providing products for a quick response to market needs

We provide high-performance window and door products to meet the needs of housing manufacturers and residential equipment companies based on universal design and consideration for the environment from our customers' point of view.

Line of business

Window and door products for home builders (prefabrication)

Doorways and windows for modular bathrooms

Business strengths

  • Account management for product proposals tailored to each business partner
  • Sales activities that integrate manufacturing, sales, and development divisions
  • Minimized workload of daily operations through supply chain optimization


  • Market size shrinking
  • Developing products to accommodate new demand in society such as additional thermal insulation and resilience
  • Facilitating customers' entries into overseas markets

Focus themes

  • Increasing sales through our product appeal and manufacturing capability in the newly-constructed housing sector
  • Handling "portfolio adjustments" in new sectors (low- and medium-rise building projects & renovations)
  • Increasing product value (bolstering product appeal, increasing profitability)

FY 2020 Summary

In the home builders (prefab) sector, we expanded our market share by acquiring commercial rights, primarily for high thermal insulation aluminum-vinyl composite windows. However, the market cooled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, and sales were virtually unchanged year-on-year. In the prefab bathroom sector, our performance has been strong as we have secured more than a 60% share of the market for bathroom door products. However, this sector also suffered the same significant impact from the COVID-19 pandemic as the home builders sector, with a severe decline in the market for renovations in particular. As a result, sales were slightly below the previous year.

Mid-term priority measures

In the 6th Mid-term Management Plan, Special Accounts will work to "offer products for changing markets." We will continue to bolster the collaborative efforts between development, manufacturing, and sales and enhance our product appeal to provide the responsiveness and quality necessary amid ever-diversifying needs.
In the home builders (prefabrication) sector, we will work to increase partner and customer satisfaction by further evolving our products through improvements such as the environmental performance and design of aluminum-vinyl composite windows and entrance doors with high thermal insulation. We will also consider the development of window and door products aimed at "disaster prevention and mitigation." For the modular bathroom sector, in addition to further evolution of existing bathroom doorway products we will consider them for non-residential projects such as hospitals, care facilities, and hotels as well as for further reduction of installation labor in condominium renovations.

Corporate officer's commitment

In our Special Accounts business, development, manufacturing, and sales coordinate together to serve each of our business partners, including house manufacturers and housing facility companies. In these times of uncertainty, we are even more motivated to deliver products to our customers that help them live "safe and secure," "health and comfort" lifestyles. We are therefore working hard to further improve the environmental performance of our windows and doors, and to incorporate universal design. In addition to pushing forward on the development of products that meet changing needs in the market, we are also working toward zero net energy houses (ZEHs), achieving decarbonization, and solving social problems.

Vice President
Special Accounts

Makoto Takayasu