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Achieving a Better Society by Contributing to Healthy and Comfortable Lives Through Our Business

 YKK AP aims to be a company that delivers progressive comfort through architectural products. It also seeks to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society that brings richness to people's lives.
 The business policy under the Fifth Mid-Term Management Plan is "Sustainable growth of the AP business through added-value and demand creation." We have established priorities, such as the promotion of high thermal insulation windows and the reinforcement of sales by expanding product range and increasing product appeal. Looking back at the first two years, we are confident that they are all progressing steadily.
 However, the business environment surrounding YKK AP continues to change drastically, including a decrease in construction work, a shortage of craftsmen, and increase in consumer needs for energy conservation, health and comfort. With the YKK Philosophy of the "Cycle of Goodness" as the foundation, we are contributing through our business to the resolution of such social challenges.
 Windows and doors, which are our main business domain, are prone to the greatest heat loss, and high thermal insulation windows can lead to a reduction in energy used in a building for heating and cooling. As the demand for energy conservation increases, we are developing vinyl windows with high thermal insulation properties as well as raising related public awareness. The adoption rate of vinyl windows is around 70% in the U.S. and Europe. However, it is not even 20% in Japan. As a leading company in vinyl windows, we are therefore carrying out study sessions, hands-on exhibits at showrooms and other awareness-building activities.
 Vinyl windows can also contribute greatly to people's health and comfort. In a home with low thermal insulation, temperatures can vary greatly from room to room. This can increase the risk of health-related incidents, especially among the elderly. Meanwhile, condensation can cause an increase in mites and mold, and lead to allergic reactions. Vinyl windows, with their high thermal insulation properties, can lower such risks and contribute to a decrease in home accidents.
 ortunately, we are a company that is capable of making products that achieve energy conservation or contribute to the environment. As the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) spread, our employees are feeling the pride of making a contribution to the world. It is when employees become interested and find joy that efforts become something authentic. We will stay simple and honest in regard to manufacturing and continue to engage earnestly in our technologies, thereby making contributions that only YKK AP can achieve for the resolution of social challenges.

Hidemitsu Hori President