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YKK Group and YKK AP Philosophy

YKK's founder, Tadao Yoshida made the "Cycle of Goodness" the central philosophy of all business activities. Based on this philosophy, and in keeping with the times, Tadahiro Yoshida, the second YKK president and first president of YKK AP, established the Management Principle, "YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance." Then in 2021, we formulated "Purpose," a new corporate message that is an extension of these corporate philosophies. As we continue to focus on the "Architectural Products" of our company name, we are committing ourselves to being a company that builds a better society.

YKK Philosophy
The corporate philosophy of YKK's founder, Tadao Yoshida, became the fundamental position of the YKK Group.

CYCLE OF GOODNESS® "No one prospers without rendering benefit to others."

Management Principle
Based on the "Cycle of Goodness" philosophy, our management principle highlights the importance of increasing corporate value in step with the times.

"YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance."

Seeking corporate value of higher significance, YKK will pursue innovative quality in the seven key areas.

At YKK AP, building a better society through our activities is the meaning and purpose of our business.

“We Build a Better Society Through Architectural Products.”

With a spirit of curiosity and exploration, we develop architectural products of true value that connect people, planet, and the future.
We want to create a better society, while remaining committed to the art and technology
that have always been fundamental to architectural culture.

The Philosophy of YKK's Founder, Tadao Yoshida

As an important member of society, a company survives through coexistence. When the benefits are shared, the value of the companyʼs existence will be recognized by society. When pursuing his business, YKKʼs Founder, Tadao Yoshida was most concerned with that aspect, and would find a path leading to mutual prosperity. He believed that using ingenuity and inventiveness in business activities and constantly creating new value would lead to the prosperity of clients and business partners and make it possible to contribute to society. This type of thinking is referred to as the "Cycle of Goodness" and has always served as the foundation of our business activities. We have inherited this way of thinking and have established it as the YKK Philosophy.
Tadao Yoshida also described YKK Group as "an organization that is like a forest." Just as young trees and experienced trees, tall trees and short trees, all draw on their unique characteristics to grow independently to form a forest, so too do individual employees independently help each other in order to prosper together. At YKK AP, we look to embrace this "Forest Group" idea so we can grow together with society while emphasizing employee diversity.

The Promise of "Architectural Products"

When YKK AP's founder Tadahiro Yoshida established YKK Architectural Products, the name of the company included a promise to "always continue pursuing the highest levels of art and technology, two elements that have formed the basis of architectural culture throughout history." The products we create are the components (structural elements) of houses and buildings. Rather than just basic construction materials and parts, we set out to provide "Architectural Products," complete industrial products for buildings. We continue to provide products that meet the wishes of customers and business partners, and in doing so, we continue to be a company that contributes to customers, business partners, and society at large. Now, to carry this thinking forward and to establish ourselves as a necessary part of this changing society, in 2021 we formulated "Purpose."
In addition to the spirit of curiosity and exploration toward art and technology that we have always fostered, we are aiming to create "Architectural Products" that have value in their time period, connect nature and people to the future, and thereby realize a better society. While embracing the ideas of our founder, we are placing "Purpose" at the center of our corporate Philosophy and preparing to take on the challenges presented by this new era.