Monozukuri and Products

With its diverse line of architectural products, from windows that make living spaces more comfortable to doors, exteriors, and facades that help create a more beautiful urban landscape, YKK AP points the way to greater possibilities in windows, doors, and nearby spaces.
In terms of climate change and disaster countermeasures, health, comfort, and design, the needs of customers and society are diversifying, and we are responding with products matched to differing climates and cultures both in Japan and overseas.

Product range (Japan)

Product lineup that helps solve social issues through high thermal insulation, disaster prevention, and more

 Our company is rolling out products in each business field based on key measures. In the residential business, in order to further enhance window thermal insulation product appeal and respond to current color trends, we added a black (interior and exterior) option to our APW 330 vinyl windows color lineup (launched April 2020). As well, we are offering a full lineup of our APW 430 fire-resistant window, high performance triple insulating glass vinyl window (launched April 2020). In recent years, typhoons are growing in size and range. In response, we are rolling out wind-resistant products, such as our GR windresistant shutters (launched June 2020) with 1.5 times the wind resistance of former models, and our APSWORD NEO-R aluminum-vinyl composite windows (launched August 2019), which boast high watertight performance, high wind resistance, and high thermal insulation performance.
 In the exterior business, demand for lightweight aluminum fences has been expanding ever since the 2018 Osaka earthquake, and in response we have been expanding our privacy fence options (launched April 2020). In addition, we are working harder to promote our LUCIAS Balconies (launched September 2017), the shapes and dimensions of which are designed with the consideration for safety and security. They help to prevent accidents resulting from falling objects and children climbing on the balcony.
 In the commercial products business, we are expanding our lineup of fire-resistant products. We are specification introducing more differentiated products, including a new version of the largest double-sliding window in the industry, the BGE31 (launched July 2020), and SYSTEMA curtain walls that provide a unified surface appearance of fire-resistant and non-fire-resistant units.
 In the renovation business, we are stimulating demand for retrofits with such products as Kantan Mado Remo (easy window remodeling) GR wind-resistant shutters (launched June 2020) that provides disaster mitigation and prevention. In commercial building renovation we are expanding our range of fire-resistant products offerings (as in our new construction business), and developing new cover installation methods for entrance doors.
 As well, we are focusing more attention on ventilation as a countermeasure to the coronavirus disease. We are increasing information dissemination and proposals for products that have ventilation functions, such as our "window with ventilator" that enable ventilation even when the window is closed and entrance door air flow designs that enhance entranceway ventilation.

APW 330 black (interior and exterior)

SYSTEMA Curtain Wall

LUCIAS Balcony and LUCIAS Fence

Kantan Mado Remo (easy window remodeling) GR wind-resistant shutters


Making manuals easier to understand and improving convenience with QR codes

 For our end-user customers, we publish Owner's Manuals describing how to use and maintain products, mostly for wooden houses. We distribute these guides through construction companies to owners and users. These Owner's Manuals and other documentation are produced after user verification assessments conducted by our Value Verification Center have checked that, for example, the instructions meet safety requirements and are easy to read. The information is organized so that it can be intuitively grasped, and presented simply, correctly, and safely.
 We also produce product installation manuals that are easy for installers to read and understand. In recognition of these efforts, the Venato D30 and Venato D30 Fire-resistant Door installation manuals received the General Category Excellence Award at the Japan Manual Contest 2019 sponsored by the Japan Technical Communicators Association.
 Another initiative we are working on is printing QR Codes on labels affixed to products. We are building a system in which QR Codes can be scanned by a smartphone or similar device to quickly access usage and maintenance instructions.

Note: "QR Code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Owner's Manual - Windows and Doors Version

Product range (Overseas)

Product rollouts that meet the needs of each country/region

 Our overseas business is characterized by business deployment and product development that is matched to the climate and culture of the individual countries and regions.
 In the U.S., we offer a full lineup of sashes, unit curtain walls, and other architectural products for commercial buildings with added-value features such as high thermal insulation and hurricane protection. In addition, we added Erie Architectural Products Inc. to the group in December 2019, and are using the company’s unit curtain wall technology to shorten construction period and mitigate the skilled labor shortage; both of these have been increasingly sought after in the U.S. construction market in recent years. In China, we are working to build product appeal so we can take the lead in market changes such as energy conservation and specifications standards. In Taiwan, which is beset by frequent, large-scale typhoons, we are rolling out products to meet customer needs, with a focus on YRB-A sashes that feature the industry’s best watertight performance. In Indonesia, in addition to our core product, NEXSTA, which targets the luxury market, we are meeting market needs by introducing products for the growing mid-range market.
 With such products, we are contributing to the health, comfort, safety, and security of people living in these countries and regions.

Hurricane-resistant product ProTek® in the U.S.

High watertightness core products series YRB-A in Taiwan

Aluminum window [thermal-break type] LD Series for condominiums in China

Core product series NEXSTA for luxury condominiums in Indonesia