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Sustainability Story
The Future YKK AP Creates-1

The MIRAI MADO Project is an initiative to make windows more fun. We will broaden our scope to offer new value with windows and entrance doors necessary to homes in the future.

Conceptualizing MIRAI MADO that connect to the world

Windows are an important element of a house that can influence its level of comfort. However, when building a new home, they tend to take a backseat compared to designing other areas such as the bathrooms and kitchen. In light of this, we brainstormed what we could do to get people to feel a greater connection to windows and began the MIRAI MADO Project. In 2016, we presented the conceptual model M.W. (MODULE WINDOW). The M.W. utilizes digital technology to create conceptual images of future windows based on the themes of display, light and air. It became a hot topic of discussion in the media following its release. The following year, in 2017, we developed a prototype for the Window with Intelligence, based on the presumption that windows may soon become equipped with information. This conceptual window allows users to operate household electronics through a connected AI speaker, is equipped with automatic ventilation functions that respond to the state of the air inside and outside, and can also be used for video chats or taking digital notes. With transparent organic electroluminescence built into the vinyl window frame, this model is the result of a joint effort with external creative groups to give shape to the unique technologies, knowledge and particularities that we hold toward windows in our company.

MIRAI DOOR to resolve social issues

Furthermore, like windows, entrance doors also have many hidden potentials. As we regard the entrance as an important place of contact with others, we announced the AI-equipped entrance door, UPDATE GATE, in 2018. It has the ability to distinguish users by using a facial recognition system and conveys traffic or weather information catered to each family member on their way out. The door also opens and closes automatically and can notify parents when their children come home or when visitors arrive. The concept of this door is that it “refreshes your day every time you pass” and it aims to address social issues regarding the safety of elderly people and children. In this way, we will continue proposing products necessary to the future society.

“Future Window Project”special website
「M.W.」 http://module-window.jp/
「Window with Intelligence」 http://window-intelligence.jp/
「UPDATE GATE」 https://update-gate.jp/