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Sustainability Story
The Future YKK AP Creates-2

This page features two of our company's initiatives for building better futures. Passivetown is a YKK Group project to develop sustainable homes and a sustainable town in Kurobe. Meanwhile, Thinking About Windows to Create Eco-Friendly Homes is an event we run for children to have fun while learning about the relationship between windows and comfortable living spaces.

Balance between comfortable living and energy-efficiency

In the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the YKK Group moved a portion of our headquarters' function to Kurobe, Toyama. There, we planned a project to address energy issues and it took on the form of Passivetown. The project is being developed on a 36,100m2 land in Kurobe owned by the YKK Group, which used to be the site of company housing. It offers a residential area that makes use of solar light and heat, underground water, seasonal winds and the rich greenery of trees. The residential homes being built are an attempt to cut back on energy consumption by around 50% - 60% compared to regular houses in the Hokuriku region, while balancing it out with comfortable living. Our APW vinyl window series are being used for the windows, which play a crucial role in the performance of the homes. The plan is to build 250 residential buildings by 2025 and Blocks No. 1 – 3 are already complete with 117 homes. Also available on the premise are commercial facilities, such as cafes. In this way, we are contributing to the development of a convenient and open community. In addition, external experts are leading assessment work on the town's energy consumption performance and passive design based on actual measurements and exchanging opinions with the residents to verify the lifestyle. These assessment results are not only reflected in our product development, but also published outside the company in the hope of contributing to the construction industry as a whole.

Educational activities that can lead to building a sustainable society

Thinking About Windows to Create Eco-Friendly Homes is a workshop for parents and children, which aims to get children interested in windows and eco-friendly concepts. During this workshop, we first present a picturestory show, which is easy to understand even for elementary school children. We explain how natural energy such as wind and solar heat and light can affect houses and their windows in ways that make it fun to learn. Later, children build model houses with kits that include miniature windows and thermal insulation materials and tackle various experiments. In 2018, this program was held at nine of our company's exhibition facilities and 13 window remodeling stores called MADO Shops. They all turned out to be successful. We hope to continue carrying out similar efforts to raise awareness of eco-friendly concepts and windows from an early stage and help build a better future.

Creating Eco-Friendly Homes is a workshop offered over the summer where elementary school students can conduct various experiments and have fun as part of their summer vacation craftwork.