From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.


The manufacturing perspective

In the hands of professionals. Through the eyes of users.

Everything starts from a user's point of view. The City of Kurobe in Toyama Prefecture is home to YKK AP's research, development and verification. We've built a framework that enables speedy and timely product development, and put in place a manufacturing process that emphasizes high quality and advanced technology.

  • YKK AP?s product development structureYKK AP?s product development structure

Surveys / Research/ Product development

Our engineers and researchers pull out all the stops to come up with new ideas and more advanced technologies. Working closely with the adjacent evaluation & verification department, their efforts lead to the development of products that satisfy the needs of users and manufacturing with high added value.

YKK AP R&D Center

Evaluation & verification

We conduct user verification to test our products in normal, everyday conditions, and field verification in which we recreate natural environments. This allows us to carefully verify the ease of use, safety, and durability of the product. The data we collect is fed back into the development cycle, for the further improvement of product quality.

Value Verification Center