From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.


Our manufacturing

Bringing technologies together
to pursue higher level of quality.

YKK AP develops and manufactures our own materials, components and machinery equipment best suited for our products and manufacturing.

Our integrated production system allows us to deliver high quality to customers.

Materials are handled in-house.

With aluminum, we do our own melting, extrusion and surface treatment. With plastics, we make our own compound and do our own extrusion.

Components are handled in-house.

Accessories, functional components, screws and insect screen are all made in-house.

High-performance glass is made

We make our own high-performance, high-function double glazing.

Equipment is developed

Manufacturing lines, equipment and process management systems are developed in-house and then introduced into our plants within and outside of Japan.

Processing, assembly and packaging are done in-house.

The APW Series offers guaranteed performance because we assemble the windows, from glass to components, in our own carefully controlled plants.


We've adopted an efficient and flexible delivery system.

Main manufacturing bases in Japan