From living spaces to urban spaces.
YKK AP has kept pace with the times and leads the way into the future.


YKK philosophy & management principle

YKK philosophy

Cycle of Goodness
"No one prospers without rendering benefit to others."

By creating new value with innovative ideas and inventions through our business activities, we not only expand our business, but also bring prosperity to our customers and business partners. As a result, we can contribute to society. Tadao Yoshida, YKK's founder, coined the phrase, the "Cycle of Goodness," to describe this philosophy. We carry on this philosophy, which forms the basis of all our business endeavors.

Management Principle

"YKK seeks corporate value
of higher significance."

YKK AP pursues new quality in seven areas of corporate value. Rooted in the idea of fairness, we create value in a way that brings all these elements together and manifests as corporate value of higher significance.